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Mary Kate and Alex – Crescent Bend Wedding

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If ever there was a wedding full of fun, emotional and candid photos, this is it! Mary Kate and Alex had a large wedding at Crescent Bend Gardens in historic Sequoia Hills in Knoxville, TN, with a church wedding ceremony at Church Street United Methodist Church. Not a single detail was missed for this beautiful wedding day!

Mary Kate began her glamorous Knoxville wedding day with her nine bridesmaids at The Oliver Hotel among laughter and music while Katie Ezry perfected Mary Kate’s hair and make up. Mary Kate and her mom met us at Crescent Bend to put on her cascading wedding dress and sparkling finishing touches among more laughter and tears before Mary Kate and Alex had a First Look moment.

The bride and groom decided to make the First Look their own by having Alex turn around while Mary Kate was still walking up to him. This way they could fully take each other in, and they both looked amazing.

After taking some more photos of Mary Kate and Alex around the gardens, we took a few photos of the wedding party before going to Church Street UMC for some more wedding party photos and the most important part of the day – the wedding ceremony.

Following the ceremony, we all went back to Crescent Bend for the reception. The gourmet meal from All Occasion Catering was incredible and Plan B Band kept the dance floor packed! At the end of the evening, Mary Kate and Alex exited to sparklers before leaving in a vintage luxury vehicle with Regal Carriages.

Mary Kate and Alex: Thank you so much for letting us capture all of the incredible moments of your wedding day. Between laughter, tears, so many family and friends, and lots of dancing and fun, your wedding was a beautiful dream! We can’t thank you enough for entrusting us with your wedding day memories and choosing us as your Knoxville wedding photographers! We wish you all the best for an incredible marriage!

Crescent Bend Gardens is a historic home near downtown Knoxville, TN, featuring five fountains, nine terraces, and formal Italian Gardens. It overlooks the Tennessee River and offers four settings for wedding ceremonies: the Convexi Holly Maze Garden, the Roman Fountain level, the River Garden Terrace, and the River Lawn.

Venue: Crescent Bend Gardens
Ceremony Venue: Church Street United Methodist Church
Getting Ready: Oliver Hotel
Hair/Make Up: Katie Ezry
Florist: Always in Bloom
Caterer: All Occasion Catering
Bakery: Scrumps
Photo Booth: Memories in a Flash
Band: Plan B Band
Vehicle Rentals: Chariots of Hire and Regal Carriages

Mary Kate and Alex’s Crescent Bend Wedding
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