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Emily and Josh – East Tennessee Country Wedding

Knoxville Wedding Photographers – 2 Hodges Photography

Emily and Josh had a gorgeous East Tennessee country wedding. Emily grew up on a beautiful farm near Athens, TN, with Josh just a few miles away, and she had always envisioned her wedding on her parents’ property. When we arrived to the farm on the wedding day, we were in awe of how beautiful their farm and especially their home is. Emily said her parents actually rebuilt the home about 10 years ago, but it could easily be mistaken for a dream home straight out of the Victorian era with wrap around porches and no detail missed. We almost felt like we had walked into a museum. Emily’s dad had also told us that he designed the staircase just for Emily’s bridal portraits, so of course we took several photos there.

Emily and Josh had an early afternoon wedding in June, and as was tradition all summer long, there was an afternoon thunderstorm just after the wedding reception ended. Thankfully we got to take some more couple’s photos with the newlyweds before the storms really set in, and the storms were just a side note to a dream wedding day.

Emily has loved horses all of her life, so we loved the horse and carriage that took the newlyweds for a private drive just after the ceremony (if you have an opportunity for a few private minutes with your bride or groom after the ceremony, we highly recommend it!) We also thought it was incredibly special when Emily’s dad sang along with the banjo band. As you might guess with any country wedding, the food was incredible, and everyone there treated us like family. This is a wedding that stole our hearts, and we love getting to see it again and again in photos!

Emily and Josh: We have loved getting to know you and your families and see where you grew up. We hope your wedding photos are always a reminder of all of the people and things you love most. Thank you so much for letting us share in your wedding day as your Knoxville wedding photographers!

Emily and Josh’s East Tennessee Country Wedding

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