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Brooke and Hewitt – Knoxville Engagement Photos

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

Sometimes we fall in love with our couples from their very first message to us (ok, we often fall in love with our couples from their very first message.) Brooke and Hewitt are no exception! Their excitement for marriage and each other (not to mention photos!) is infectious!

They are planning a summer Knoxville wedding at Bleak House in Sequoyah Hills, so we began our engagement photo session at the Historic Bleak House Knoxville. We absolutely loved Brooke’s floral top and white pants for their summer engagement photos in Knoxville, not to mention Brooke is stunning, especially her blue eyes!

After taking advantage of each of the garden levels at the Bleak House and having some fun with their initials being on the Bleak House gates (haha), we headed downtown. Unfortunately, the Tennessee Theater sign was undergoing maintenance, but we had a lot of fun exploring the graffiti, listening to a drum circle, pausing by a book store, and visiting the Bijou Theatre where Brooke has actually sung!

We can’t wait to celebrate their June wedding at The Historic Bleak House!

Brooke and Hewitt’s Bleak House and Downtown Knoxville Engagement Photos

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