Fall engagement photos in Knoxville, TN by Knoxville wedding photographer 2 Hodges Photography

Ally and Rob – Fall Engagement Photos in Knoxville

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

Ally and Rob wanted fall Knoxville engagement photos at Campbell Station Park in Farragut, so we met up with them on a mild November evening for a sunset engagement session. They brought along their three fur babies for an adorable Save the Date. They also brought along their love for the New Orleans Saints.

Of course, our favorite things about Ally are her red hair and her laughter, and we especially love how Rob looks at Ally. They work together in a veterinarians office where they met, and there is no doubt how much they love and respect each other. These all happen to all be some of our favorite ingredients for marriage.

Ally and Rob are planning a May wedding at the Knoxville Zoo, which we think is a perfect venue for a fun couple who loves animals. We couldn’t be more excited to capture the bride and groom next May as their Knoxville wedding photographers.

Ally and Rob’s Fall Engagement Photos in Knoxville

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