fall engagement photos at Ijams by Knoxville wedding photographers

Whitney and Jordan – Rain Engagement Photos in East Tennessee

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

As Whitney and Jordan’s Knoxville engagement photos session approached, the weather forecast showed a 90% chance of rain. Knowing Whitney was planning to have her hair and make up done for her photos, we expected her to postpone the shoot. The night before, she said she wanted to shoot rain or shine – she had seen cute rain photos, and she would be happy either way.

Once we could see the hourly weather report, the forecast called for rain during the morning hours. Perfect. Our shoot was scheduled to coincide with sunset, so the rain should have cleared out in time. The day of the shoot, the skies were nearly clear…until right around 2 o’clock – the time Whitney was starting hair and make up. And then it rained. Hard.

She and Jordan still met us at Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, TN, as planned. We pulled out our assortment of umbrellas and got to work.

According to the radar, the rain was going to miss our property in Sevierville, TN, where we planned to end the shoot with some barn photos. We finished up at Ijams quickly and headed to Sevierville hoping for at least a little bit of dry weather. Once again, the weather report was wrong. It rained on us the entire drive to Sevierville as well as the entire time we shot in the barn. Just as we were wrapping up the shoot, Whitney asked for more photos in the rain, but this time without the umbrella. We’re so glad she did!

Whitney had been wanting unique photos, and it turns out a little steamy rain made the perfect prop. We can’t wait to see what Whitney and Jordan’s May wedding day at Dara’s Garden will bring! (Think May flowers!)

Whitney and Jordan’s Rain Engagement Photos

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