Knoxville lake engagement photos at Melton Lake in Oak Ridge, TN by Knoxville wedding photographer 2 Hodges Photography

Amanda and Dustin – Melton Lake Engagement Photos

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

One of our favorite things about being Knoxville wedding photographers is seeing friends fall in love and get engaged and then getting to photograph their weddings. Kandi and Amanda grew up together in Oak Ridge and are even better friends as adults, so this couple is very special to us. Amanda and Dustin have spent most of their relationship long distance, traveling between Savannah, GA, and Knoxville, TN, and beyond often. One of their first dates was in Asheville, North Carolina, which turned into a full weekend of meeting Amanda’s family in Knoxville. You could definitely say their relationship has been a whirlwind, including their short engagement of only two months! We love that Amanda and Dustin are too excited to be married to take the time to plan a large wedding. In just a few days, they’ll have an intimate, family wedding at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains.

For their engagement photos, we met Amanda and Dustin at Melton Lake in Oak Ridge, one of their favorite places to go running (Dustin recently ran a marathon while Amanda ran a half marathon, and they ran a 5K together to kick off the New Year!) It was a cold day, so we loved how Amanda accented her black dress with her red coat. There was no shortage of laughter as we walked along the boardwalk and found a secluded dock. We got to know Dustin, and we have no doubt that he and Amanda are going to share a marriage full of laughter and love. We can’t wait for wedding day!

Amanda and Dustin’s Melton Lake Engagement Photos

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