Sunrise engagement photos in Downtown Knoxville by Knoxville wedding photographer 2 Hodges Photography

Laura and Trip – Sunrise Engagement Photos in Knoxville

Knoxville Wedding Photographers – 2 Hodges Photography

Laura and Trip asked to take sunrise engagement photos in Downtown Knoxville and at Ijams Nature Center, so we got started on Gay Street a little before sunrise, and the quiet of the morning could not have been more beautiful. Watching the sunrise over the Gay Street bridge was a definite treat that we wouldn’t mind revisiting.

We love Laura and Trip’s playfulness – there was definitely a lot of laughter – but we also love that Laura and Trip have a tendency to forget everything going on around them and get lost in each other. They are stunning together.

At Ijams Nature Center, we went straight to Mead’s Quarry, and Laura and Trip were our first couple to climb the big rock. We love that we had several firsts with Laura and Trip, and we cannot wait to be their Knoxville wedding photographers this summer at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church and The Standard.

Laura and Trip’s Sunrise Engagement Photos in Knoxville

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