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Nikki and Alex – Reserve at Clearview Farms Wedding

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

Nikki and Alex got married at the Reserve at Clearview Farms in Dayton, TN. The Reserve at Clearview Farms is a new venue, and we truly wish it were just a smidge closer to Knoxville so that we could shoot there more often. The venue offers rolling hills, a creek, a long wooden fence, trees, a stone path, a gorgeous barn for receptions (that was stunningly decorated), and an incredible house with lots of window light for getting ready.

Last spring, when we took engagement photos with the couple, Nikki wore a blush tulle skirt that was extremely popular, so we couldn’t wait to see her wedding dress. It absolutely did not disappoint with a fitted bodice and flowing ruffles. The bridesmaids dresses, which were a pale lavender and long and flowing, were also gorgeous.

The owners of the new wedding venue in Dayton, TN, are like family to Nikki, and their daughter was one of two flower girls along with Alex’s sister. It was such sweet moments as one flower girl tried on Nikki’s dress, and Nikki helped Alex’s sister put on some finishing touches. Nikki privately got ready with the help of her mother and then had several First Look moments with all of the people special to her day. First, she had a First Look with her dad. This moment is almost un-describable. The only people in the room were Nikki and her dad. After they saw each other, they began whispering. We have no idea what was said, but it was so touching, we took just a couple of photos and then let them have a completely private moment together. Next, she did a First Look with her bridesmaids. With hair and make up by SpaGo Chattanooga, Nikki was stunning, and the tears started flowing.

Next, Nikki had a First Look with Alex up on the rolling hills. They exchanged letters written as wedding vows before taking couples photos and wedding party photos. We had so much fun with the entire wedding party, which included Alex’s brother and dad. At the reception, there was a bonfire and DJ Danny Reid kept the party going. Nikki and Alex exited to glow sticks and drove off for their Jamaican honeymoon.

Nikki and Alex: So many moments of your wedding day were so touching, in-between many moments full of laughter and fun. From the moment we first met, you made an impression on us, and now that we’ve met your families, they have as well. Thank you for being such amazing examples of what it means to love other people. Your wedding was absolutely beautiful, and we are so thankful we got to be part of your wedding day as your photographers.

Surprise! This is Part I of a blog post special feature: Dueling Blog Posts! Everything about Nikki and Alex’s wedding allowed us to do what we love best – create beautiful, colorful, classic images. Going through the images, we were so in love with how the colorful photos told the story of Nikki and Alex’s wedding day, we weren’t sure we’d enjoy them as much in black and white. But, we always love black and white images that capture emotion or create contrast – something interesting, emotional and classic. It turns out, seeing this wedding in black and white truly re-creates the essence of the day in a way only black and white images can do. So, below are images just in color. We’ve also created a whole separate blog post of just black and white images! Check it out, then find us on Facebook or comment on the blog post you think is the real winner – color only, black and white only, or BOTH!

Dueling Blog Posts Part I
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Nikki and Alex’s Wedding Photos at The Reserve at Clearview Farms

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Did you like the story these photos told of Nikki and Alex’s wedding? Then, check out their wedding day in black and white! We created Dueling Blog Posts! Be sure to let us know which post you like best – color photos or black and white or BOTH?

Chattanooga Wedding Pros:

Venue: The Reserve at Clearview Farms
Wedding Coordinator: Tina Murray – InStyle Weddings and Events, Planning and Design Services
Hair and Make-up: SpaGo Chattanooga
Catering: Apron Strings
DJ: Danny Reid

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