Wedding at Pleasant Hill Vineyards by Knoxville wedding photographers

Emily and David – Pleasant Hill Vineyards Wedding

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

Emily and David had a gorgeous Knoxville wedding at Pleasant Hill Vineyards in Maryville, Tennessee. Emily makes a stunning bride (with and without her glasses), and we absolutely love her dress by Melissa Sweet from David’s Bridal. While David also makes a handsome groom, without a doubt, the ring bearer stole the show on this wedding day. More often than not, he could be found running away—unless he was distracted by a cupcake

As always, floral arrangements by Lisa Foster Floral Design were beautiful, and we loved the pink peonies in her bouquet. We also loved the special touches Emily included in their day, including famous quotes from literature about love. Emily and David are both from large families, and their wedding photos make their love for each other and family more than obvious.

Possibly one of our favorite stories from their wedding came after the wedding day. Emily and David were on their honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico, when we posted a preview of their wedding day on Facebook. David says they were eating dinner, and Emily had his phone in her hands when notifications came through that they were tagged in photos. He says Emily shrieked, and he tried for two minutes to get her attention, but it was like an explosion in a movie where the character is deaf and incoherent. When she finally “came back to reality,” David says he tried to pry the phone from her “talons,” but she wouldn’t give it up until they got back to their room and she could switch to her phone. Needless to say, they were excited to see these photos!

To Emily and David: Thank you for letting us capture your wedding day memories. The way you look at each other could give anyone goosebumps. We think you guys are pretty amazing, and we hope your photos always bring you the same joy as when you saw them on your honeymoon.

Emily and David’s Pleasant Hill Vineyards Wedding Photos

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Knoxville Wedding Pros

Hair/Make Up: Michael Layne from Belleza Salon & Spa
Catering: Dead End BBQ
Bakery: Cupcakes from The Cupcakery

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