A Knoxville wedding at Pleasant Hill Vineyards by Knoxville wedding photographers 2 Hodges Photography

Aubrey and Lance – Pleasant Hill Vineyards Wedding

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

Aubrey and Lance’s wedding is special to us for all of the right reasons. Aubrey wanted a romantic, classic, elegant fall wedding with just a touch of East Tennessee culture (who doesn’t love a good pair of cowgirl boots for dancing?) Their wedding was all of these things and so much more – it was fun, it was emotional, and it was full of love. They got married at Pleasant Hill Vineyards in Maryville, TN, where she has been working as their wedding coordinator for several years. They held the ceremony in the forrest later in the afternoon so that it could have a candle-lit ambiance. They also included their dog, Hickory, who was perfectly behaved the entire day.

The day started at The Hilton Knoxville Airport where Aubrey and her bridesmaids had hair and make up done with a team including Southern Belle Beauty and Cayla Does Hair. They wore the cutest pajamas, drank mimosas, and enjoyed time together. Meanwhile, Lance and his groomsmen were at the vineyard, hanging out and putting finishing touches in place that required heavy lifting. Once the guys got ready, Lance had a touching First Look moment with his mom before taking photos with his groomsmen. Aubrey and her bridesmaids arrived, and once she put on her dress and finishing touches, the emotions began to flow (we love tears!) Aubrey is an absolutely stunning bride. She chose a classic bouquet of red roses and a sparkling almost blush-colored dress with cascading ruffles. Once ready and after a First Look with her bridesmaids, we spent a quiet moment with Aubrey in the loft before taking photos of Aubrey with her gorgeously mis-matched bridesmaids in the forrest.

Without a doubt, Aubrey and Lance are loved. Their wedding ceremony was standing room only! Following the ceremony, Greg and Tara with Music in Motion Mobile Entertainment got the party started, and everyone had a blast dancing the night away. To end the evening, the newlyweds were sent off in a haze of sparklers before exiting in an antique Chevrolet Bel Air sedan.

Aubrey and Lance: We fell in love with you on day one, and we can absolutely tell we are not the only ones. You have the most genuine hearts that overflow into how you treat each other and other people. We feel very blessed to know you and to have gotten to spend your gorgeous wedding day with you and your amazing families. We are so happy to now call you friends and so happy we get to watch your marriage grow. We love you!

Aubrey and Lance’s Pleasant Hill Vineyards Wedding

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Knoxville Wedding Pros

Venue: Pleasant Hill Vineyards
Caterer: Southland Books and Cafe Catering
Hair and Make Up: Southern Belle Beauty and Cayla Does Hair
DJ: Music in Motion Mobile Entertainment
Videographer: 77 Productions

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