Spring wedding at the Knoxville zoo by Knoxville wedding photographers 2 Hodges Photography

Ally and Rob – Knoxville Zoo Wedding

Knoxville Wedding Photographers – 2 Hodges Photography

Ally and Rob’s Knoxville Zoo wedding was two things we love – colorful and fun. Ally chose a peacock theme using lots of jewel tones with purple, pink, blue and green, and for Rob, there was Batman.

The Zoo offers several ceremony site options, so Ally and Rob said “I Do” with the King of the Jungle. Of course we love the moments our wedding couples officially begin their marriage, but one of our favorites moments was seeing how Ally’s mom looked at Ally’s dad as they prepared to give their little girl away. Thirty years later, and without a doubt, they are still in love.

Our second favorite moment on this wedding day was during photos of Ally and her bridesmaids when a little girl visiting the zoo gushed over how Ally looked like a princess. Ally was a knockout with expert make up by Stunning by Rachel and hair by Claudia Nicole.

After a gorgeous sunset, Ally and Rob danced the night away while DJ Andrew from Ogle Entertainment kept the dance floor packed. This was definitely a night to remember, including some of the best mini cupcakes we’ve ever had from Scrumps. Yum!

Ally and Rob: From the moment we met, you’ve been one of the nicest, funniest, fun couples. Thank you so much for letting us capture your wedding day as your Knoxville wedding photographers. We wish you a lifetime of fun moments together!

Venue: Knoxville Zoo
Make up: Stunning by Rachel
Hair: Claudia Nicole
Caterer: Dead End BBQ
Bakery: Scrumps Cupcakes
DJ: Ogle Entertainment and Light Design – Andrew Holloway

Ally and Rob’s Knoxville Zoo Wedding

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