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Amanda and David – Knoxville Church and Bearden Banquet Hall Wedding

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Amanda and David had a fun and sweet Knoxville wedding at Middlebrooke Pike United Methodist Church with reception at Bearden Banquet Hall. This is one of those weddings that was full of memorable moments. It was a Saturday much like any other Saturday this summer – the weather couldn’t decide if it would rain or be sunny. We got a little of both all day long.

The church has a lovely Memory Garden, so that is where Amanda and David had a private First Look moment together on their wedding day. After the first look, we continued couple’s photos and wedding party photos at the beautiful front of the church. This was about the time that we found out David has his own definition of always being prepared – he always has a Sharpie on hand, even in his suit pocket on his wedding day. As it turns out, you never know when you’ll need to label a drink, and David will just happen to have a Sharpie available.

Our next memorable moment happened when we met the Ring Bearer. He had a box to hold faux rings, and he was very proud of his important job. We soon found out, he is professional ring bearer of sorts – this was his third wedding!

After Amanda and David were announced husband and wife, they exited the church to a bubble exit before going to their reception at Bearden Banquet Hall. We love that their way to remember guests is through a quilt where each guest signed a square. We also loved their adorable “love spice” favors.

The dancing at Amanda and David’s wedding was nothing short of unique. DJ with Davis Sound of Special Notes Entertainment led an anniversary dance, and we discovered not one but three couples married more than 50 years! Each of the couples then gave the newlyweds some of their sound wedding advice. To end the evening, DJ played Rocky Top. This is when we discovered Rocky Top has meaning outside of Knoxville, Tennessee! Most of Amanda and David’s guests were from Indiana and Minnesota. We learned that in Indiana, when Rocky Top is played at a wedding, there is a special barn-style dance.

The wedding day was complete when Amanda, David, and the entire wedding party exited Bearden Banquet Hall – it looked like they were in a musical!

To Amanda and David: Thank you so much for letting us capture your wedding day as your Knoxville wedding photographers. We had so much fun getting to know your families and seeing how much you both are loved. We hope these memories are always close to your hearts.

Amanda and David’s Knoxville Wedding Photos

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Knoxville Wedding Pros

Wedding Venue: Middlebrook United Methodist Church
Reception Venue: Bearden Banquet Hall
Wedding Coordinator: All About Weddings
Catering: Bearden Banquet Hall
Entertainment: D.J. Porter with Davis Sounds at Special Notes Entertainment

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