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Emily – Knoxville Bridal Portraits

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

We had been waiting for an opportunity to take photos of Emily for years, so when she asked us to take bridal portraits of her in Knoxville, we could not have been more excited. We know Emily through her work in research for UT, and she is absolutely beautiful from the inside out. She has the kind of smile that can brighten the hardest of days, and the fact that she is doing work to find cures for diseases which currently have few treatment options shows how incredibly special she is.

Emily wanted to take some photos at Sequoyah Park in Knoxville near the spot where her groom proposed. The day threatened rain with the sun popping in and out of storm clouds, but once we found the spot where she was proposed to, magic happened. After shooting in Sequoyah Hills, we moved to Gay Street in Downtown, Knoxville, to incorporate the city vibe Emily loves and for portraits at the iconic Tennessee Theater where Emily and Ryan like to go on dates.

Emily brought along her mom and dad to help with her stunning dress (we are in love with those cap sleeves!) and we had a blast seeing how Emily comes by her vibrant, loving personality honestly. Emily recently married in New York where she no doubt had a gorgeous park wedding as an absolutely breathtaking bride. Congratulations, Emily!

Emily’s Knoxville Bridal Portraits

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