Glamourous engagement photos in Downtown Knoxville TN on Gay Street by Knoxville wedding photographer 2 Hodges Photography

Samantha and Nick – Ijams & Downtown Knoxville Engagement Photos

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

When I asked Samantha what she and Nick like to do on dates, she realized Ijams Nature Center and Gay Street in Downtown Knoxville were “must have” locations for their engagement photos. She also wanted to include their dog, Marty, which we love!

The weather forecast for their session changed continually for several days leading up to their session and even the day of—we saw everything from 100% chance of rain to 0% chance of rain. The day was definitely overcast, but we thought we might make it through the session. Until it rained. But, Samantha was amazing and acted like she didn’t notice the first few sprinkles of rain. And then we got to break out an umbrella for a few photos. It’s hard to complain when all of the photos are amazing! You’ll see—we had a hard time narrowing them down for this blog post!

We started out at Ijams near Downtown Knoxville. Then, Samantha and Nick changed clothes before we took a stroll on Gay Street. We were absolutely blown away when we saw Samantha and Nick completely dressed to the nines for the Gay Street photos. They were stunning! Something else that is stunning—their photos in black and white! You may notice this blog post is full of them!

Although the couple met in college, their love story didn’t really start until Nick started working for the same company as Samantha. They are amazing together! Samantha absolutely lights up near him, and Nick adores her! We cannot wait for their November wedding at The Standard in the Old City.

Samantha and Nick’s Engagement Photos

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