Fall engagement photos in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains by Knoxville wedding photographer 2 Hodges Photography

Cheyenne and Tyler – Fall Smoky Mountain Engagement Photos

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

Cheyenne grew up camping with her family in the Smoky Mountains, and it is something she and Tyler love to do together as well. For engagement photos, they invited us to visit their campsite in Cades Cove and take a few photos around the loop. It was fall day in October and the scenery was beautiful!

Cheyenne planned out the details of their entire engagement session from her grandmother’s handmade quilts to their hammock to roasting marshmallows. She had also picked out some favorite spots to stop and take engagement photos as we drove through the loop. Of course in Cades Cove, or on any camping trip for that matter, you always have to be prepared for surprises. First, their blow up mattress got a hole in it. And then it got another hole as Tyler went to try to patch the first hole. They got it all fixed and set up just in time to start photos. Then, we also had to watch out for bear crossing! We ran into some cubs just as we got started on the loop.

Between all of the gorgeous views and Cheyenne’s red hair and blue eyes, everything was stunning. We can’t wait for her and Tyler’s wedding next April at Roseberry Farm!

Cheyenne and Tyler’s Fall Smoky Mountain Engagement Photos

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