Fall country engagement photos by Knoxville wedding photographer 2 Hodges Photography

Krystal and Dereck – Fall Engagement Photos

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

We’ve known Dereck for several years. In fact, Dereck and Kandi have known each other since Kindergarten. So, when he got in touch with us to say he was engaged and ask for fall engagement photos, we were ecstatic!

Krystal and Dereck met us on the 2 Hodges Photography property. We enjoyed learning about her and her family while we took photos among fall foliage. Since Dereck used to do kickboxing for sport and he met Krystal in a gym, we knew we had to incorporate a move into a photo. Besides having a lot of fun with them, we love seeing them look at each other as if no one else is around.

Krystal and Dereck are planning a an intimate, family destination wedding on a Flordia beach this summer. We will be excited to spend some more time with them when they are newlyweds!

Krystal and Dereck’s Engagement Photos

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