Knoxville engagement at Ijams Nature Center photos by Knoxville wedding photographers 2 Hodges Photography

Valerie and Jason – Engagement Photos at Ijams Knoxville

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

Typically, our initial wedding inquiries come from our brides, however, every once in a while we are contacted by the groom, which is how we first met Jason and Valerie. It was immediately clear that Jason cannot wait to marry Valerie (you may even notice he’s already wearing a ring), and that is one of the things we love most about this couple. They moved to Knoxville from Florida just a few years ago, and they have quickly made Knoxville their home with a growing exterior design company known as Paisley Design Company.

Once we met Valerie, it was clear why Jason lights up when he talks about his bride – it’s because her beautiful smile is infectious. You can tell they both have a heart for serving each other, which we think is a key ingredient for an incredible marriage.

For Knoxville engagement photos, Valerie and Jason were open to suggestions since they are still getting to know the area. When asked what they like to do, it was clear Ijams Nature Center would be perfect for its trails, foliage, and water features. We learned a lot about Jason and Valerie while we were taking engagement photos, including how Jason remembers what Valerie was wearing on some of their first dates, and their first date was incredibly memorable because Valerie got bit by a squirrel.

We can’t wait for Valerie and Jason’s fall October wedding at The Stables at Hunter Valley Farm in Knoxville. We have no doubt it will be a fun, memorable and beautiful wedding day.

Valerie and Jason’s Knoxville Engagement Photos

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