Christina and Doug – DIY Calvary Baptist Knoxville Wedding

Knoxville Wedding Photographers- 2 Hodges Photography

Christina and Doug had one of the sweetest DIY weddings at Calvary Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN, in Sequoyah Hills. Next to the Student Center, the church has a large open field where Christina and Doug married in front of an arbor built by Christina’s dad.

The best descriptions of Christina and Doug’s wedding day are Christ-centered, loving and epically fun. During their ceremony, Christina and Doug’s bridesmaids and groomsmen participated in a prayer circle around the bride and groom. This was a ceremony first for us, and we absolutely loved it! During the reception, as Christina and Doug visited with guests, we noticed one guest pausing to pray with them as well.

We had a blast watching Christina and Doug’s families dance. We could tell they were not strangers to a dance floor! Then, we had another wedding day first – Christina and her bridesmaids challenged Doug and his groomsmen to a lip sync contest, props and costumes included! We heard everything from The Lion Sleeps Tonight to Take Me Home Tonight with each team performing to three songs. It was a close match, but Team Bride won. As much fun as we had watching the lip sync contest, our favorite part was when their wedding coordinator, Rebekah Millsaps, told us it was her job to make sure Christina and Doug had not selected the same songs, but sure enough at least one of their songs matched! Without a doubt, Christina and Doug are meant to be together, and we can’t wait to see how they grow together in their marriage.

Christina and Doug: Your wedding is one we will not forget. Every moment of the day was unforgettable, and we are so thankful we got to capture it all as your Knoxville wedding photographers. We wish you a lifetime of the love and laughter we saw on your wedding day!

Venue: Calvary Baptist Church Knoxville
Coordinator: Rebekah Millsaps
Rentals: Harvest Party Rentals

Christina and Doug’s Knoxville Church Wedding

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