Dara's Garden wedding in Knoxville, TN by Knoxville wedding photographers 2 Hodges Photography

Whitney and Jordan – Dara’s Garden Wedding

Knoxville Wedding Photographers – 2 Hodges Photography

Whitney wanted a storybook wedding at Knoxville wedding venue Dara’s Garden, and without a doubt she was a princess bride on her spring wedding day in Knoxville, TN. Whitney brought together the perfect combination of romantic, classic and rustic, making her and Jordan’s wedding day a beautiful dream.

From the baby’s breath in Whitney’s hair to the cascading ruffles and details on her wedding dress to the sparkling high heels (that she actually just used for photos and then changed into Converse so she could easily walk around on her wedding day), Whitney was definitely a princess bride.  But, what’s really beautiful is the way Jordan makes her feel, which was completely obvious during their First Look.

Whitney and Jordan’s wedding day also included several touching and fun moments. Whitney’s mom lost her site when Whitney was a teenager, so as Whitney walked down the aisle, she paused to hug her mom. We also loved seeing Whitney’s mom out on the dance floor during the reception, which was dj’ed by Sequoyah Entertainment. However, possibly our favorite part was during the cake cutting when Whitney smashed Jordan with cake and then he “shared” it with her. It was our funniest cake cutting moment yet!

Whitney and Jordan: Thank you so much for letting us share your wedding day with you as your Knoxville wedding photographers. We love all of the memories we’ve made with you from rainy day engagement photos to lighting up the night with sparklers and everything in between. We are so thankful you wanted something “different” for your wedding photos!

Dara’s Garden is East Tennessee’s premier outdoor wedding venue located in Knoxville, TN. Dara’s Garden is centrally located on 20 acres in South Knoxville and offers everything needed for special Knoxville weddings. Partnered with Rothchild Catering and Event Rentals, Dara’s Garden weddings provides the perfect setting for any wedding day.

Venue: Dara’s Garden
Caterer: Rothchild’s Catering
Rentals: Rotchild’s Event Rentals
DJ: Sequoyah Entertainment
Videographer: B&H Videocraft

Whitney and Jordan’s Dara’s Garden Wedding

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