Engagement photos at Knoxville wedding venue Dara's Garden by wedding photographer 2 Hodges Photography

Julie and Will – A UT & Dara’s Garden Engagement

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

Julie and Will have the sweetest story, and it all started at Knoxville wedding venue Dara’s Garden through the University of Tennessee Baptist Collegiate Ministry that they were both involved in.  During Will’s senior year of college, they both attended a BCM barn dance at Dara’s Garden. Will asked Julie to dance, and by the time he held her hand through the closing prayer, she realized he wanted to get to know her as more than a friend. Will has graduated and began working in a neighboring state, and Julie will join him after their June 2015 wedding when she will have just graduated.

In planning Julie and Will’s Knoxville engagement photos, we wanted to visit places that were special to them, so of course we started at the Baptist Collegiate Ministry house on UT campus. We then visited Ayres Hall and Neyland Stadium. After wrapping up on UT campus, we headed over to Dara’s Garden for its gorgeous fall foliage. Julie and Will laughed, they danced, and they snuggled up when they got cold. You would never know it was a freezing evening with how much they smiled!

We are so excited to be Julie and Will’s Knoxville wedding photographers at Central Baptist Church in Bearden next June!

Julie and Will’s UT and Dara’s Garden Engagement Photos

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