Spring engagement photos at Dara's Garden by Knoxville wedding photographers 2 Hodges Photography

Amelia and Ben – Dara’s Garden Engagement Photos

Knoxville Wedding Photographer – 2 Hodges Photography

We were so excited to have the opportunity to take Amelia and Ben’s spring Knoxville engagement photos at Dara’s Garden. The couple is not native to Knoxville and will marry at a barn venue in Georgia that Amelia described as having vintage southern charm, so Dara’s provided the perfect backdrop to take photos for a wedding Save the Date announcement. The spring colors were in bloom, which made for gorgeous backdrops all throughout the Knoxville wedding venue.

We had a lot of fun getting to know Amelia and Ben. They were up for pretty much any photo ideas we suggested, and to top it off, they enjoy spending time snowboarding and snow skiing – my and Steve’s favorite way to spend a winter day in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee! I don’t think we could have had more fun as their Knoxville engagement photographers, and this blog post would not be complete without mentioning that Amelia has an incredibly radiant smile.

Dara’s Garden is centrally located on 20 acres in South Knoxville and is described as East Tennessee’s storybook location for memorable weddings and events. We couldn’t agree more!

Amelia and Ben’s Engagement Photos at Dara’s Garden

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