A Sevierville wedding at The Barn at Chestnut Springs by Knoxville wedding photographers 2 Hodges Photography

Amie and Doug – The Barn at Chestnut Springs Wedding

Knoxville Wedding Photographers – 2 Hodges Photography

Amie and Doug had the sweetest destination wedding at The Barn at Chestnut Springs in Sevierville, TN. The bride and groom and many of their guests are from south Florida, and they were amazing on this cool December day. Amie, Doug, and their children love visiting the Smoky Mountains, so when they started planning their wedding, they asked their kids where they should get married. The boys voted for the Smokies, and Doug’s little princess voted for a castle. We think both were excellent suggestions, but we are so thankful they chose the mountains and we got to meet them. They especially wanted their wedding photos to capture the special family moments, and we could not have been happier to have been their Sevierville wedding photographers.

Amie and Doug’s wedding day had so many fun details and moments. Doug and his best man are cops who are partners, so when they say they have each other’s backs, they literally have each other’s backs! And who can resist superheroes? We saw Superman, Batman, and more!

Also, Doug and Amie are big Steelers fans, so be sure to check out Sevier County Weddings by Rev. Tom Orange‘s tie. Then, during their First Look, Amie gave Doug a gift – a bright yellow “Terrible Towel” in honor of the Steelers and their wedding day. The most epic moments of the day came during the wedding ceremony. Amie asked not only Doug to be by her side for the rest of their lives but she also asked Doug’s son and daughter for the honor as well. Then, just after Amie and Doug kissed as husband and wife, the entire wedding party began dancing to the Harlem Shake.

Despite all of the amazing moments, the most beautiful part of Amie and Doug’s wedding day is the love among family and friends – both those who were there and those who were missed. Amie’s mom battled breast cancer, so Doug got Amie a special pink engagement ring. He also wore a pink shirt and a pink pin to represent breast cancer and being  a cop. Even while missing her mom, Amie has the most beautiful, calming, peaceful spirit, and her calmness on her wedding day made her look even more angelic than she already does.

This was our first time shooting at The Barn at Chestnut Springs, and we absolutely loved both the venue, nestled in the mountains, and the owners. Also, special thanks to Janna from All About Weddings and Southern Belle Beauty for helping to make this such a beautiful wedding day.

Amie and Doug: We are so thankful to know you and for having you in our lives this year. You have the most beautiful family, and we feel very blessed to have gotten to capture such a special day in your lives. Thank you for letting us be your Sevierville wedding photographers!

Amie and Doug’s Smoky Mountain Wedding

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Sevierville Wedding Pros

Venue: The Barn at Chestnut Springs
Coordinator: Janna Fowler – All About Weddings
Hair and Make Up: Southern Belle Beauty
Officiant: Rev. Tommy Orange – Sevier County Weddings
Caterer: Dead End BBQ
Cake: Art of Cakes
Bar: The Pour Guys

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